How to Become a Breastfeeding Consultant

How to Become a Breastfeeding Consultant

If you have ever wondered how to become a breastfeeding consultant, you’re not alone. The profession is growing at an incredible rate, and there are a wide variety of opportunities in this field. Whether you are passionate about helping moms and babies nurse their babies, or are an experienced registered nurse, you can pursue a career as a breastfeeding consultant. There are several steps to become a certified breastfeeding consultant, including completing a lactation education program and 1,000 hours of clinical experience. business goals and objectives for coffee shop

To be a lactation consultant, you must complete an accredited education program. You can earn your certification through a bachelor’s degree in nursing or another health discipline. In addition, you can earn a master’s degree in nursing to further your career opportunities. Your coursework should reflect your passion for breastfeeding babies and new mothers. Consider completing internships or clinical experiences that are related to your interests and training to ensure you are well prepared for the field. types of organizational chart

If you are interested in breastfeeding, you should understand that you’ll work with new mothers on a daily basis. The benefits of breastfeeding babies are well documented. In 2013, more than 76.5 percent of American women attempted breastfeeding, compared to only 58% in 1985. And, according to the US Centers for Disease Control, 25.5 percent of babies nurse exclusively for the first six months of life. As this trend continues, more mothers will need the support of a lactation consultant. The job prospects are best for lactation consultants who are registered nursesmanagement and consulting

A certified lactation consultant will undergo extensive training in breastfeeding. They will visit new mothers within the first few days of giving birth, where breastfeeding is the most important for the baby’s health. A lactation consultant will review the health history of the mother, discuss the delivery of the baby and observe breastfeeding, giving pointers on comfort and positioning. These professionals are also capable of helping moms and fathers who have breastfed multiple children. project workflow management a business process approach

Most lactation consultants are employed in hospitals and medical settings. Their job is to educate and support new parents on how to breastfeed their babies. They also serve as resources for other staff members in the hospital. Hospitals that participate in the international Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative are increasingly hiring lactation consultants. Some hospitals have one lactation consultant on staff while larger facilities may have a team of lactation consultants, offering both inpatient and outpatient care. digital business transformation marketing

As more women turn to breastfeeding, more jobs for trained lactation consultants are opening up. To become a lactation consultant, you must obtain a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Depending on the location, these programs may last from two years to four. Some programs are online or self-paced, and can take as little as 12 weeks to a year to complete. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be ready to work in hospitals and healthcare settings. what causes complacency in the workplace