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E&R Business Consulting

Transform Your Business

Impactful strategies are designed to break through any stagnant areas to grow the business you want.

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Proven Business Coaching To Drive Growth in Your Business with Confidence and Clarity.

Misaligned Leadership
is creating organizational problems that impeded growth
Stagnant Business
is keeping you from bringing in new clients or growing your business
Lacking Social Relevance
in a digital market is suffocating your market
No Implemented Processes
undermine your true value and talents
Risk Not Managed
creates stagnation and frustrates you and your team
Lost Passion and Joy
makes you fell isolated in a role you’ve outgrown

It’s time to look forward at all the possibilities!

Clear Your Path To Success.

Business Consulting

What makes E & R Business Consulting different?

E & R Business Consulting’s dedication and experience allow a thorough plan to be developed and executed to revitalize your business.

Our Support allows a clear and defined plan:

  • Giving you time back to build your business the way you want it to be
  • Create strategic systems to maximize your time for important work
  • Take back control in your business
Business Solutions

Discover Your Clear Path to Success

Clear Your Mind

Reframe your mind to prepare for transformation

Grow to New Heights

Learn new approaches to scale and grow

Ignite Your Passion

Regain the excitement that got you here.


Learn proven processes and time-saving opportunities to build your optimal business structure.
Firefighters rescued survivors

What Fuels Your Fire?

Running a business can be exhausting. We can help you find a way to clear the air and reignite what makes you stand out.

As a Business Leader, you put out the fires.
Who guides you through the smoke?
Who helps you with processes, support, and direction?

Work with a dedicated consultant who understands how to give you direction and help you take the control that you desire.


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Business Owners just like you want help to grow their companies to the next level. Learn from our clients how we have helped them to improve and grow their business, using our proven processes and strategies.

E&R Business Consulting not only transformed my way of thinking but also aided my business in recuperating and thriving beyond its pre-pandemic level in terms of student enrollment and aftercare.

Vuongs Taekwondo Center.

Traci is the 1st business consultant that I have ever met that truly understands how to create a digital business, how to run it, and how to maintain your life and keep hitting your goals!

Chris Romero

Thanks to Traci’s guidance, I was able to establish management roles and teams that enabled my company to expand threefold in the past three years. Amid the pandemic, we analyzed our operational deficiencies and, with the support of E&R Business Consulting, we have implemented modifications that have enhanced our productivity and streamlined our processes.


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How it Works

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Discovery Call

Meet with Traci to gain knowledge for your business and personal success.

Processes Allowing You to Reach a New Level of Success

Gives you more time in your day and satisfaction in your work, while cultivating success in your business.

a Customized Plan

Identify any issues and develop strategies to scale your business in a forward direction.

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