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Reframe your mind to prepare for transformation

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What Fuels Your Fire?

Running a business can be exhausting.
We can help you find a way to clear the air and reignite what makes you stand out.

As a Business Leader, you put out the fires.
Who guides you through the smoke?
Who helps you with processes, support, and direction?

Work with a dedicated consultant who understands how to give you
direction and help you take the control that you really desire.

Misaligned Leadership

is creating organizational problems that impeded growth

Stagnant Business

is keeping you from bringing in new clients or growing your business

Lacking Social Relevance

in a digital market is suffocating your market

No Implemented Processes

undermine your true value and talents

Risk Not Managed

creates stagnation and frustrate you and your team

Lost Passion and Joy

makes you fell isolated in a role you've outgrown

When you have hit a plateau and you want to make a change,
let us help you find a new approach.

What makes E & R Business Solutions different?

E & R Business Solutions’ dedication and experience allows a thorough plan to be developed and executed to revitalize your business.

Our Support allows a clear and defined plan:

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Learn proven processes and time saving opportunities to build your optimal business structure. 

Meet Our Team

E&R Business Solutions is a family-owned and run business. Meet our Team!


Traci Eisenberg-Rayburn is a 3rd generation Veteran who served her country through war and peacetime. Traci is a business consultant, with over 20 years of experience, that has been responsible for the strategic direction, vision, and growth in IT equipment and risk mitigation. Her education, knowledge base and experience are in Project management, document flow, process flow, and success management. Traci’s dedication to service and country is what enables Traci to understand the true value of hard work.


She is partnered with her son, Tigh, a recent graduate of The University of Maryland. He brings his youth and understanding of the desire to drive success with businesses and clients wanting to turn their drive for fire in their business into success. 


Traci’s husband, Michael, also a Veteran and a digital marketer. Brings a wealth of experience in the digital marketing field, as well as an understanding of market research, brand management, and, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Our lead Web Designer, AshLeigh, is not only our daughter, but she also brings a wealth of knowledge to assist the team. Her experience is in Desktop support, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Website Design. AshLeigh plans, creates, and designs our web pages, understanding technology and designs engaging and responsive landing pages.


We are dedicated to leading out clients to success, understanding the true benefits and how to navigate the complexities of running a business and the challenges that come along with it.

How It Works

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Gives you more time in your day and satisfaction in your work, while cultivating success in your business.

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Identify any issues and develop strategies to scale your business in a froward direction.

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