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Meet Traci

Traci Eisenberg-Rayburn is a 3rd generation Veteran who served her country through war and peacetime. This dedication to service and country is what enables Traci to understand the true value of hard work.

Traci served 15 years in the Army as a Communications Officer and deployed multiple times, allowing her to experience true pressure in risky situations, creating necessary strategic processes for IT growth, and mitigating challenges and risks. The diversity in jobs Traci has held has been proof of her ingenuity in pulling teams together, drive success, and rebuild broken ??

Traci is a business consultant, with over 20 years of experience, that has been responsible for the strategic direction, vision, and growth in IT equipment and risk mitigation. Traci’s focus is to enable businesses to understand how project management resources, risk mitigation, and applying a firm business direction can help a business grow, run, and operate more efficiently. 

Traci combines her business acumen with her experience in the military to establish decisive strategic planning for businesses to grow and be successful. Upon retiring from the Army, Traci worked in contracting for the government, which has enabled her to understand the processes in contracts, as well as the dedication to support the needs of this great nation!

Traci’s experience in business is matched by her premier experience in the military and time spent refining her skills getting her Master’s Degree in Project Management and Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. 

Meet Michael

As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has owned both brick and mortar and digital businesses. With over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, Michael understands the challenges and hurdles needing to jump in “client getting” for agency owners. He has the innate ability to open the lines of communication with clients with the understanding of what their needs are to maximize time and productivity.

As a seasoned professional with over 18 years of hands-on business experience, Michael knows exactly how to drive brand growth. He has set himself out from his peers in the client attraction world for SEO and digital brand management. Michael has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, business implementation, and company collaboration. He has the experience and knowledge to help any business have the potential to gain clients and implement sales growth.

Meet Tigh

A recent graduate of The University of Maryland, Tigh brings his youth and his drive for success. Tigh enjoys working with businesses and clients, that have the desire to turn their drive for fire in their business into success. Studying the spanish language and business has allowed Tigh to travel abroad to assist in reducing pollution and advance a communities’ capabilities to grow. Tigh is also a 4th degree (Master) Black Belt in Taekwondo, which gives him the discipline one needs to strive to be the best. Growing up in a military family, Tigh understands true dedication and the internal fortitude needed to be successful.

Meet AshLeigh

AshLeigh is a graduate of Fayetteville Technical Community College with a degree in Information Systems Security. She has been working in the Information Technology (IT) industry for 6 years, deepening her knowledge and refining her skills. AshLeigh has worked in multiple fields in the IT industry including Desktop support, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Website Design. Her work in IT has always been focused on supporting the client and what their needs are in order to become a better business. AshLeigh enjoys sharing her knowledge in IT to help those she supports ensuring their continued success and growth. AshLeigh web designer with E&R Business Consulting, to allow the public to get to know who we are as a company and the ways we can help you be successful!

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