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Empowering Transformation with My Battle-Tested Methodology.

Transform your life with our Battle-Tested Methodology. Empower yourself to master your destiny using proven systems that optimize your skills and processes. Achieve personal and professional growth while enjoying more time for what you love. Explore our coaching packages and unlock your true potential.

Our Coaching
One-On-One Coaching

One-On-One Coaching

Achieve your goals through a personalized approach: During individualized sessions, the focus is centered on you and your development to overcome challenges and implement innovative solutions. This involves continual self-awareness development, which is a crucial aspect of effective personal coaching.

Focused coaching

I tailor my approach to align seamlessly with your personal and professional goals, ensuring you achieve the success you rightfully deserve. Together, we will unlock your potential, streamline your operations, and set a course for sustained growth and excellence. Partner with me to transform your vision into reality and lead with confidence and insight.

Focused coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions, powered by my Battle-Tested Methodology, provide a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. Participants draw from the collective wisdom, experiences, and insights of the group while benefiting from the accountability and encouragement of their peers.

Utilizing proven systems, strategies, and methodologies within the group dynamic creates a unique energy that can be leveraged for growth. Whether your aim is to develop new skills, improve relationships, or build confidence, group coaching becomes a valuable and empowering tool to help you reach your objectives.

My Battle-Tested Leadership Methodology is designed not only for leaders but for anyone seeking to improve their life and work outcomes. It equips individuals with the essential skills necessary to effectively navigate and optimize their processes, whether in a corporate setting or personal life. Dedicated to excellence, I am committed to empowering both leaders and individuals to achieve their fullest potential and drive meaningful progress.


When Traci coaches a person, her approach is focused on achieving goals and is characterized by a determined and organized mindset with a focus on results and data. She is a remarkable individual who gets things done efficiently and with a Brooklyn-esque flair.
Mike Merlino

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