It can be stressful being a Leader

Work with a Coach that can help you define best practices to Lead Your Team.

Boost your confidence and self-assurance with one-to-one sessions.

Coaching will significantly reduce any uncertainty-related anxiety you may be experiencing by providing you with a clear roadmap to success.

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Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who feels overwhelmed and under-prepared? Do you feel like you could benefit from some extra help to take your business to the next level?

Business Coaching is the right solution for you. Business coaching is an investment in your business. Identify gaps in your strategies and provide valuable insights and guidance on how to efficiently reach your goals.

Individual personalized attention breaks apart your systems and processes and creates a detailed structure that finally works for you, not against you.

We are dedicated to leading our clients to success, understanding the true benefits, and how to navigate the complexities of running a business and the challenges that come along with it.

Thanks to Traci’s guidance, I was able to establish management roles and teams that enabled my company to expand threefold in the past three years. Amid the pandemic, we analyzed our operational deficiencies and, with the support of E&R Business Consulting, we have implemented modifications that have enhanced our productivity and streamlined our processes.


Traci makes work not feel like work

Chien Vuong
Vuong’s Taekwondo Center
What Do You Need To Get 1% Better Today

Now Is The Time To Take Your Business To Profitability

Habits are hard to break. Here is what you need to get you there:

  • Overcome Failure
  • Design a thorough Business Model
  • Strategic Planning
  • Adopt a forward-thinking attitude
  • Hire a knowledgeable leader to help you plan for success

Improve your business

Accelerate the growth of your business and improve your abilities with the right coach. Be empowered to control your destiny with learning systems and approaches that will scale your business and provide you with insights into processes and optimized workflow for greater leisure time doing what you love.