IT Consultant’s Career outlook

Career outlook

IT consultants are in high demand, with jobs growing at a rate of about 22 percent over the next decade. The strongest job growth is expected for software developers, who are expected to increase by 28 to 32 percent. Another hot job is database administrator, which is expected to grow by 31 percent over the next decade. Despite offshoring practices, IT consultants should enjoy steady growth. Their skills are often above average, including flexibility, problem-solving skills, creativity, and fluency in technology. types of organizational structure pdf

IT consultants use various software applications to manage and track their projects. For instance, time-tracking apps help IT consultants see how much time they spend working on a project, improving customer billing. Project management apps provide structure to complex projects. And IT consultants often travel to clients’ locations to install hardware and software. A strong Internet presence is an essential part of success. For those seeking a career in this field, a strong network of contacts and excellent communication skills are vital. management consulting business